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We started Documatic because the founding team got tired of waking up at 2am to put out fires (incidents), so we built Documatic as the platform to help on-call engineers get to inbox-zero for incidents quickly.


We are a fast-growing team that believes that top talent comes from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life.

We don’t pattern match - Geniuses look different
From Steve Job to Jane Wright to Jack Ma
Team Size
Team SizeTeam Size
Non-college educated employees
Non-college educated employeesNon-college educated employees
People of Colour at Documatic
People of Colour at DocumaticPeople of Colour at Documatic
Europe & US : Rest of the world
Europe & US : Rest of the worldEurope & US : Rest of the world



Shane Osafo-Addo
Shane Osafo-AddoShane Osafo-Addo
Tom Titcombe
Tom TitcombeTom Titcombe


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