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September 30, 2022

New feature

Introducing code pages - analysis of objects in your codebase.

  • Summaries of code

  • Dependency diagrams show the execution flow of functions in the codebase

  • Identification of third-party dependencies in the code object

  • Analysis of code, such as complexity

  • Identification of TODO comments, allowing you to track outstanding work in your code


August 31, 2022


An overhaul of codesearch improves the speed and quality of results.


July 29, 2022

Code search

  • Various improvements to codebase indexing means more code objects are discoverable in search

  • Code owners are inferred for each code object, allowing you to identify who in your team you need to speak to about the codebase

  • Slack integration! Integrate your Slack workspace to easily send code search results to your team

  • Manage your organisations with different access levels and see searches made within your organisation


July 1, 2022

New feature

The launch of the Documatic beta! We're launching with a few solutions to your documentation needs, with an ambitious roadmap on the way of the next few months. In this launch, we bring you Documatic Codesearch.

Documatic Codesearch allows you to ask natural, normal questions about your codebase to find the exact piece of code you were looking for, without needing to know specific keywords.

Codesearch currently supports search in:

  • Python

  • Javascript

  • Typescript

  • Golang

  • Java

Search works across multiple languages at the same time.

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