At Documatic, we have created a platform that allows teams of all sizes to share knowledge.

Come build the tool you wish you had.

  • Mental health days

    Once a month, everyone takes a day off to work on themselves. Whether that's a spa day or grinding Elden Ring is up to you

  • Biannual offsites

    Twice a year, the Documatic team get away to sun, snow or city. team-building, hackathons,

  • Unlimited PTO

    Take as much time as you need
    to get the job done.

  • Remote winters

    Every winter, work from anywhere
    in the world.

Our Values

Innovation and collaboration starts with strong shared values.

  • Empowered to challenge, with respect

    Each team member has a hand to play in our successes and the failures. We believe the successes happen more often in an environment where everyone feels confident contributing to their fullest extent.

    At Documatic, you don't sit silently if you hear a bad idea being discussed. If you think we should be doing better, you say so. Each individual's opinion is not just valued and encouraged, but expected.

    This applies whether you're challenging an intern or the CEO. Challenge is always welcome; not challenging when you should, or ignoring opinions from others, is not.

  • Simplicity and Speed

    Each of us will, at some point in our Documatic careers, implement elegant, scalable and robust solutions to solve tough problems, but getting the *perfect* solution is not how we work.

    We are in a phase of building, evaluating, iterating, and repeating that process. Speed of failure is a key driver of the speed at which we become successful. And what drives that speed is simplicity.

    We don't overarchitect, we don't build solely for future requirements, and we don't let the perfect get in the way of the good.

  • Growing together

    As a startup grows, each person will wear lots of different hats. At Documatic, we recognise the importance of not only giving you the hat, but giving you the skills and confidence to wear it and to pick out your own.

    We provide an annual stipend for learning resources and support each team member who wants to expand into a new skill or role. Be it publishing an academic paper, learning a new programming language, or, heck, even learning how to start your own startup, Documatic will support you.

    In doing this we know that our team will have the expertise needed to push us to the next stage in Documatic's journey.

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