About us

We started Documatic because we used to spend too much writing documentation for our previous startup, companies helped us build documentation but none automated it to take the pain away completely. We decided to do it ourselves.

Documentation is our start.

Trusted by engineers at top companies

We are a fast-growing team that believes that top talent comes from a wide range of backgrounds and walks of life.

We don't pattern match. Geniuses look different. From Steve Jobs to Jane Wright to Jack Ma.

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    Team Size

  • 70%

    People of Colour at Documatic

  • 28%

    Non-college educated employees.

  • 50:50

    Europe & US : Rest of the world

Our Founders

Shane Osafo-Addo

CEO - Co-Founder

Shane was recruited by the largest accounting firm in the world, PwC, aged 19, without going to college. Experience selling enterprise software. Founded an AI sports data startup and negotiated and closed a deal with the largest sporting organisation in the world, FIFA.

Tom Titcombe

CTO - Co-Founder

Masters in AI from Imperial College London. Ex-Goldman Sachs. Developed the navigation algorithm for a weather-monitoring drone sent to space by NASA JPL.

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